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Research is an exciting endeavor that represents the highest aspirations of the human spirit. At Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR), our main focus is on programs in cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Our excellence in these areas relates to our work on disease modifier genes, inflammation, stem cells, and transgenic mouse models of human disease. Our faculty is dedicated to advancing an understanding of the causes of disease in order to help improve diagnosis and find new ways to treat and prevent them.

At LIMR we perform basic research studies to understand the fundamental problems associated with disease; preclinical and translational research where results are developed into new diagnostics and medications; and clinical research where advances in medicine can be brought to the patient bedside. The studies and experiments performed by our researchers are held to the highest standards through our Office of Research Affairs.

Our multidisciplinary approach exploits the synergies whenever those with different expertise and experience work near each other. The history of biomedical science includes many such examples of serendipitous breakthroughs that happened as a result of a unique mixture of ideas, viewpoints, and technologies present within one organization. Our value derives from the mixture of scientists, biomedical investigators, and clinical integration that is a special characteristic of the LIMR environment.

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