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Educational Opportunities for Public Health Research

Research for Credit allows undergraduate and graduate students to work on a CPHR research project for course credit during the academic year. If interested, please contact the research and coordination team.

Undergraduate Summer Internship Program in Basic and Public Health Sciences offers undergraduate students interested in basic science, clinical science, or public health research a 10-week internship to carry out a research project with a researcher at LIMR, attend career-oriented lectures in medicine and public health, and participate in public health education and prevention events. Check out the undergraduate internships page to learn more about summer internships in basic science and public health at the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research.

Population-Health Research

The CPHR works closely with nurse and physician researchers throughout Main Line Health to implement quality improvement and IRB-approved research that studies patient populations with an aim to improve the delivery and quality of care for patients. Please contact the research and coordination team to learn more about the CPHR’s current research studies.

Community Campaigns for Prevention

By partnering with other community organizations, the CPHR implements measurable outreach initiatives that promote the public’s health by offering educational programs and other community services that support healthy and safe lifestyle choices. Please contact the research and coordination team to learn more about the CPHR’s ongoing and upcoming community-based prevention campaigns.

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Stanton B. Miller,

Director, LIMR Center
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and Educational Programs
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